Damage from a rocket in Ashdod, Israel.
The news coming out of Israel over the last 36-48 hours has been distressing.    After years of continuing rocket attacks by Hamas militants into Israel from the Gaza Strip, and a recent uptick in those attacks in the last few weeks, Israel and its military were left with no other choice but to respond in order to defend its citizens from these horrific acts of terror.

Beyond that which has been written in the American media, I wanted to draw your attention to this FAQ sheet distributed by our Union for Reform Judaism on the situation.

And, as news develops, you might turn your attention to two leading Israeli newspapers: Haaretz (whose editorial page is often left of center) or The Jerusalem Post (right of center).

In the meantime, please join me in offering prayers for the State of Israel, and for peace...that the conflict might come to an end as quickly as possible, so that the two sides might instead expend their time and efforts to establishing a just peace that might allow both Israelis and Palestinians to somehow co-exist in the world....together.