What is to weep?  To weep is to sow.     
What is to laugh?  To laugh is to reap.
Look at this man weeping as he goes.
Why is he weeping?
Because he is bearing in his arms the burden of the grain he is
about to sow.

And now, see him coming back in joy. 
Why is he laughing?
Because he bears in his arms the sheaves of the harvest.
Laughter is the tangible harvest, plentitude.
Tears are sowing; they are effort, risk, the seed exposed to
drought and to rot, the ear of corn threatened by hail
and storms.

Laughter is words, tears are silence…

It is not the harvest that is important; what is important is the
sowing, the risk, the tears.
Hope is not in laughter and plentitude.
Hope is in tears, in the risk and in its silence.


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