Hurtness and Prosperity
Who should live
Who should survive
Who to help and who to guide

Disasters happen
a flood
Hurricane Tsunami
Earthquakes and blood

Whatever it is
Disasters do strike
People need to know
How to save others life

One moment you're rich
While the other guy's poor
But in an instant you're equal
No one's less
No one's more

Your perspective on things
Becomes different from before
You look through new eyes
And it's clear what's at store

You must work with others
As a team and as bros
Nobody has any enemies or foes

Life is reality
Your blindness is peeled
You’re starting to feel now
That everything is real

Desperate times call for desperate measures
Everything you cherish
Becomes desperate treasures
You may lose yourself
On the way to defend
But stay true to yourself
To your heart
To your friend

Worst thing that happens
Is you'll lose lots of things
But what isn't lost is simplicity
Your new outlook on the world
And to the world
What you bring.


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