When you were pregnant with Israel, Lord 
     - did your ankles swell?
     - did your fingers tingle and droop?
Did you spend your time waiting, marking time,
     and doing infinite chores?

After you announced the birth of the nation
     knowing it would be long, three generations long,
     till the birth of the people on its land - 
After you announced the birth, Lord - 
     did you sit counting the days and the years?
Did you plan on how you would raise Ephraim, your darling child?
     how you would call him from Egypt,
     draw him with cords of love?
Did you count the days
     till you could teach him to walk?
     till you could bend down and feed him each morsel?

When you carried Israel in your womb, O Lord,
did you think how you would nurture forever.
     how you would carry him till old-age?
Did you plan every moment of his upbringing, dreaming of the perfect child?
Or were you very busy, Lord,
     planning universes,
     setting up laws,
     organizing history?

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