If God were the sun, then Israel might be the moon,
her face reflecting God's eternal light.

Yes, Israel is like the moon, the moon
who waxes and wanes,
grows old, and then renews herself,
yet never leaves the skies.

Faithfully, she spreads her pale and ghostly light
on every room and tree and blade of grass

Until the whole world turns silver,
transformed from darkness to shimmering beauty.

Yes, Israel, be like the moon,
renew your faith each generation.

Even when the earth casts its shadow of darkness,
faithfully reflect the light of God;

Pour over the whole world
the moonlight beauty of holiness.

debra goldman
08/18/2012 5:26am

enjoyed reading your comentary on balak and balaam ...what about considering the importance of the IDEA to precede the word in order for the WORD to lead to action. in my work as a psychologist too often people come to rely on the "talk" without taking action. similar to orthodox /chasids who study all day debating the torah commentaries but fail to support their families relying on welfare or their wives efforts to provide? or what about the young person who talks about marriage but fails to make the commitment - perhaps what is needed is for the IDEA of marriage to be a reality prior to the talking about it for without the firm concept of what kind of life he/she wants to lead, all the talk will remain just that , talk without action. .


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